High Performance SQL Server in Azure IaaS #SQLServer #Azure

If you want your SQL Server instances to really hum in Azure, you need to read this article.


Just remember, if you are going to relocate the tempdb or buffer pool extensions in a SQL Server Failover cluster in Azure IaaS, you will have to either relax the permissions on the root of the D drive and store them there or create a generic script cluster resource that recreates the folder structure upon failover because the SSD is not persistent and any folders you create will be deleted each time you reboot. The article talks about creating a script that runs at startup, but in a clustered environment I’m afraid that the cluster would try to start SQL server before the directory structure was created. It would be better to create a Generic Script cluster resource and make the SQL Server cluster resource dependent on this generic service to ensure the folder is created before SQL tries to start.

High Performance SQL Server in Azure IaaS #SQLServer #Azure

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