Special offer for Microsoft MVPs – free DataKeeper! #MVPbuzz

I just got the word that this is official and we are ready to ship software…

SIOS Technology is pleased to offer the Microsoft MVP Community a fully functional two NFR copies of SteelEye DataKeeper Cluster Edition (DKCE).  DKCE enables SANless failover clustering solutions using any local attached storage and enables high speed and highly available SMB 3.0 storage solutions for SQL Server and Hyper-V.  

Common use cases of DKCE include SAN-less SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances using local high speed storage solutions like Fusion-io or even building clusters in the public cloud.  Another exciting possibility is highly available file servers on Windows Server 2012 for robust SMB 3.0 storage solutions for Hyper-V or SQL Server without having to purchase a shared SAS Array or SAN.  Once again you can take advantage of the blazing speeds possible with SSD or local flash based storage without sacrificing any availability and be the first kid on your block to migrate your Hyper-V and SQL Server to SMB 3.0 and take advantage of faster failovers and easier storage management.

 Simply email datakeeper-mvp@us.sios.com  to learn how to get started with DataKeeper Cluster Edition!

MVPs grab your copy today and let me know what you think. I will be monitoring the forum you will be invited to join and look forward to your feedback.


Special offer for Microsoft MVPs – free DataKeeper! #MVPbuzz