Microsoft End-to-End Cross-Site Disaster Recovery Solution

Microsoft has recently updated their Virtualization Continuity page with some good information…

Cross-Site Disaster Recovery Solutions

Implementing a reliable, rapid-recovery strategy can be time-consuming to implement and expensive to manage. Because of the complexity and cost, many companies simply don’t have comprehensive business continuity plans to protect their data and ensure application availability.

Virtualization has been a game changer for many companies. With virtualization based Site Recovery solutions, you can ensure higher availability and business continuity options. Windows Server provides support for a wide range of industry leading, shared storage solutions to deliver Quick and Live Migration. Combined with partner cross-site data management and replication technologies, Microsoft is offering complete Site Recovery solutions.

In summary, Microsoft Site Recovery solutions provide these key benefits:

  • Bullet proof application and data availability across a range of applications
  • Site-wide disaster recovery that can help you gain immediate and long-term operational and capital benefits
  • Automated fail-over and fail back based on clustering and data resynchronization delivering superior application and data availability, for planned and unplanned downtime


Also, they have recently published a white paper entitled “Microsoft End-to-End Cross-Site Disaster Recovery Solutions“. This is a must read for anyone deploying SteelEye DataKeeper in a Cross-Site Disaster Recovery configuration.

Microsoft End-to-End Cross-Site Disaster Recovery Solution