Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery for Business

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affect by this massive storm. Although I live in NJ, my neighborhood remained relatively unscathed other than some downed trees and power lines. The pictures coming in from the coastal communities up and down the eastern seaboard show that many people did not fare as well. I’m hopeful that most of the damage is property that can be rebuilt, but I am sorry to hear that some people lost their lives and I can only imagine the pain of their friends and family – I am truly sorry for their loss.

As an employee of a company that specializes in disaster recovery software, I am also privy to many stories of companies that lost data that cannot be replaced. Many of these companies never recover from such catastrophes, but those that do are usually the ones who immediately look to put into place a plan that includes some sort of real-time data protection that includes replicating their critical data offsite or to some cloud repository so they are never caught in such a predicament again. If that is your story or even if you were lucky enough to avoid disaster this time but want to prepare ahead, please contact me immediately so I can help you assess your risks and recommend some data protection and disaster recovery solutions to help mitigate the risks.

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery for Business

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