DHCP cluster without shared storage and/or across data centers

Look for a Step-by-Step article on how to configure a DHCP across data centers and/or without shared storage in the very near future using Windows Server Failover Clustering and SteelEye DataKeeper Cluster Edition. In the meantime, check out this video that demonstrates a DHCP cluster that uses a replicated DHCP database instead of a shared disk in the cluster.

DHCP cluster without shared storage and/or across data centers

3 thoughts on “DHCP cluster without shared storage and/or across data centers

    1. daveberm says:


      This gives you the details of clustering DHCP. How you make it a multisite cluster is depends upon your 3rd party replication solution, which is a must have to enable a multisite cluster for DHCP. SteelEye DataKeeper Cluster Edition is one of the host based replication solutions. With that solution basically once you create your mirror using the DataKeeper UI the replicated volume will appear in Available Storage. From that point out the configuration is identical that a basic DHCP cluster as described in the link above.

  1. Fernando Salgado says:

    Hi David, thanks for posting information to my question in the windows forum about testing the DHCP failover clustering.

    Let me tell you that, related to the video (https://clusteringformeremortals.com/2009/11/23/dhcp-cluster-without-shared-storage-andor-across-data-centers/), my current configuration is able to “move the sevice to another node” from DHCP1 to DHCP2 and viceversa.

    The problem is that only the DHCP server that owns the service contains the Virtual IP for the DHCP cluster. So if DHCP1 has the service and DHCP2 fails and is down, the DHCP service remains up and runing. But if DHCP1 is down, then the DHCP service is down as it had the Virtual IP, and i’m not able to open the Failover Cluster Management console from DHCP2 to move the service, showing an error of connection.

    I’m making a email with some screenshots, just please give me your email address to sent it to you.

    I appreciate.

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