Windows Server 8 Developer Preview will not support the Hyper-V Role while running on VMware Workstation…at least on my laptop

Unless someone knows a trick that I don’t, it doesn’t appear as if I will be able to test out some of the Hyper-V clustering features unless I identify some actual hardware for Windows 8. I had hoped that just maybe VMware Workstation 8 would be able to fool Windows 8 into thinking it was actually a physical server, but so far no dice. This article appears to indicate it will work if you have an Intel Nehalem or Intel Core i7 processor, but my two year old Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 doesn’t seem to be able to do the trick.

I added the hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = “FALSE” to the config file and I changed the CPU settings to use Intel VT –x/EPT as shown below.

But this is what I get when I try to enable the Hyper-V role.

Maybe it is time to invest in a new laptop?

6 thoughts on “Windows Server 8 Developer Preview will not support the Hyper-V Role while running on VMware Workstation…at least on my laptop

  1. Hyper-V on Windows Server 8 needs a SLAT capable CPU.
    Intel: EPT required. Nehalem CPUs or newer (Core i Series or Xeon > 55XX)
    AMD: NPT required.

    Seems you have no chance in testing Hyper-V. (like me. :( )

  2. You do have to remember that Windows 8 is supposed to be shipped out in 2012. It is still in the early stages of being released, just because something doesn’t work now doesn’t mean it wont work later. However, on the other hand I do agree that it can be annoying if you use something daily and right now it cannot be used in WDP. If you want to try out Windows Developer Preview watch this video on where to download it, and how to install it.

  3. Well, the good news is that this is working GREAT on my new LenovoW520, CORE i7 16 GB RAM laptop! I have a 3 node Hyper-V Cluster running on top of VMware Workstation 8 and I am even able to actually run a Windows 2008 64-bit server inside the Hyper-V cluster.

    My life just got sooooo much easier as I am able to build just about any demo on my laptop now. Once 8GB ram chips drop in price I will upgrade to 32 GB of RAM and will have absolutely no limit on what I can do.

  4. Window Server 8 Developer DOSE support Hyper V 3.0. I have a DELL precision M440 with it installed and running 2 additional servers as VM also you don’t need SLAT for hyper V (SLAT for remote FX for VDI’s).

    WS8 may have a lots of functions missing however its a fully working OS and you cann use AD(DCPROMO),DNS,DHCP,F&P, etc. As long as you virtual cpu support in your BISO it will work no problems

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